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The Rx Wellness Center only carries pharmaceutical grade vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other dietary supplements, specifically designed for pharmacies specializing in natural medicine and wellness products.  You may locate our products by our Pharmacist Recommendations, or by our Product Catalogue below.  Be sure to visit our Wellness Centers for in depth discussions about your wellness concerns.

Pharmacist Recommendations

Healthy Lives
Energy and Vitality
Sexual Health
Healthy Living
Stress Control
Men's Health
Sports and Fitness
Mental Health
Women's Health
Senior's Health

Healthy Bodies


AutoImmune System
Healthy Joints       
Blood Pressure
Heart and Circulation
Blood Sugar Control
Immune System
Brain and Nervous System
Lungs and Sinuses
Calming Anxiousness
Macula (Eye) Health
Cellular Health
Neuropathy Support
Cholesterol Management
Pain and Headaches
Cold and Flu Support
Restful Sleep
Digestive System
Prostate Health
Enhanced Mood
Strong Bones
Endocrine and Glandular
Support of Aging
Gastro-Intestinal Health
Support of Allergies
Hair, Skin, and Nails
Healthy Bones and Joints

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