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General Health Information

The respiratory system is composed of the nose, sinuses, throat, and lungs. The primary function of the respiratory system is to provide oxygen to the body and to remove carbon dioxide. It also has a critical role in fluid balance and is intricately tied to the cardiovascular system.

Oxygen is critical to our survival and a healthy respiratory system ensures adequate oxygen supply to our body. Our supply of oxygen can be insufficient if the lungs, nose, or sinuses become obstructed or do not function properly. Obstruction can occur when there is excess mucous build-up often due to allergen irritation or infectious microbes. A healthy respiratory system also rids our bodies of toxins and metabolic by-products like carbon dioxide. Both a good intake of oxygen and a good exhalation of waste products are equally important to a healthy respiratory system.

A healthy respiratory system also provides resistance against allergens and infections. Along with a healthy diet, a program of regular exercise that increases oxygen intake, and avoidance of smoke, pollen, and other allergens help to ensure a healthy respiratory system. Tobacco should be avoided entirely.

Numerous dietary supplements can help in various ways when dealing with respiratory problems. A daily intake of high quality vitamins and minerals can help keep the respiratory system functioning at its peak. Herbs such as mullein, slippery elm, and marshmellow act as expectorants and are useful when phlegm and congestion are present. Green tea, eucalyptus, and rosemary help to open up the sinuses and lungs when constriction or wheezing occurs. Quercetin and garlic are useful when combating chronic allergies. Furthermore, antioxidants can help protect the lungs from free radical damage.

Wellness Plan

  • Regular exercise and weight control
  • Well balanced diet with plenty of fluids
  • Avoid smoking and air pollution
  • Pharmacist’s Supplement Recommendations:
    • Herbs and Phytonutrients - garlic, bioflavonoids, quercetin, carotenoids, lycopene, mullein, stinging nettle, marshmellow, elderberry, slippery elm, ginkgo biloba, turmeric, bilberry, rosemary, green tea, eucalyptus, onion, horseradish
    • Vitamins and Minerals - vitamins A, C, & E, B2, B3, B6, B12, folic acid, calcium, magnesium, PABA, copper, iron, sulphur, selenium, sodium, molybdenum
    • Antioxidants - coenzyme Q10, OPC’s (grade seed & grape skin extracts, Pycnogenol), glutathione, peroxidase, n-acetylcysteine, NADH
    • Essential Fatty Acids - omega-3 (DHA & EPA), omega-6 (GLA)

These products are recommended by licensed pharmacists who have specialized in natural medicines and dietary supplements. For maximum benefit from these recommendations, be sure to read the Wellness Center Guidelines.

AntiOxidant Essentials $25.25
Antioxidants are necessary for protecting the body from the formation of free radicals, thus helping to neutralize these damaging compounds caused by substances such as smoke and other airborne pollutants. Antioxidants guard us against deterioration of the body in general, as well as helping to keep the lungs supple and in good condition. They are especially an important protectant against environmental toxins. Antioxidants are an important key to vital oxygen intake as we breathe. Our AntiOxidant Essentials contains several key antioxidants important to respiration.
Essentials Performance Formula $27.72
A high quality complete vitamin and mineral supplement is key to maintaining a healthy respiratory system. Vitamins and minerals provide the body with the building-blocks necessary for the formation and function of all of our body’s organs, including those of the respiratory system. A proper functioning respiratory system ensures us with the proper outgo of toxins as well as a maximum absorption of the oxygen necessary for life. Essentials Performance Formula provides all of the most important nutrients for healthy lungs and sinuses.
Omega Max $18.43
Essential fatty acids are essential components in the replacement and production of new cells throughout the body, including those of the respiratory system. They also play a key role in prostaglandin production, part of the inflammatory process. This is important to a healthy respiratory system because airborne pollutants can irritate and inflame the lungs. So there are many respiratory processes in which daily intake of adequate amounts of essential fatty acids can make a difference to our life-giving oxygen intake.

Additional Products for Respiratory

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